Do I Need a Walkie Talkie Headset?

A Walkie Talkie headset can make a difference to the way you live your life.  Do you worry about where the kids are and what they’re getting up to?  Does your daughter constantly fail to tell you what she’s doing or who she’s with?  Is your son always locked in his bedroom?  Perhaps you simply want to keep in touch with your travelling companions?  A Walkie Talkie radio may be a new and easy way of keeping in touch and a Walkie Talkie headset will allow you to use your Walkie talkie hands free, giving you greater flexibility.

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If you’re new to Walkie Talkies, you need to think about which system to choose.  FRS and GMRS radios work on different frequencies.  The former are generally for short range communication, (up to 2 miles), and usually operate on a single watt battery, or less.  GMRS are more expensive, more powerful, (up to 5 watts), will transmit up to 10 miles in clear, open countryside and require a licence, ($85), which you can download from the FCC.  GMRS radios are for serious communication and are used by the like of the Emergency Services.

Think About the Features of a Walkie Talkie Headset

Walkie Talkie HeadsetWhen selecting a Walkie Talkie headset, the first thing you need to consider is comfort.  If you’re going to be wearing it for any period, it will need to fit well and not be a constant source of irritation.  You don’t want to be adjusting it every few minutes.

What is the sound quality like?  Do voices seem muffled or distorted?  How efficient is the volume control?

What about durability?  Does it look like it will survive in the environment you will be working in?  Does it need to be dustproof, shockproof and waterproof?  If so, be prepared to pay more.  Upgrading down the line is a false economy.  Get the best you can afford at the outset.

Are Walkie Talkie Accessories Available?

You may wish to add a Walkie Talkie battery charger, GPS, weather service, barometer, thermometer or whatever.  Some Walkie Talkie headsets are equipped with a voice activation facility, (VOX), allowing for hands free communication.  Speaker microphones which can be clipped near your ears, push-to-talk earbuds and boom microphones are also available for some models.

When considering a Walkie Talkie headset and other Walkie Talkie accessories, make sure that they are compatible with your Walkie Talkie radio and ask yourself the above questions to ensure that you get a hands free Walkie Talkie that is perfect for your needs.

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