Will Kids Walkie Talkies be Popular this Christmas?

hello kitty walkie talkiesNot so long ago, before cell phones were just about everywhere, kids Walkie Talkies allowed children to pretend to be in covert contact with their friends.  Think of all the secret agents who could talk to each other by the simple flick of a switch on their 2 way radio, cunningly concealed in a watch or a pen.  Today, these games are just as popular as they were and Walkie Talkies for kids at Christmas is a perfect surprise present.

Whatever your age, Walkie Talkies are a lot of fun.  If you’re in the garden, hiking or simply out shopping, it’s a handy way to keep in touch with the family over a short distance.

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Younger children love to play hide and seek.  What could be more fun than hiding in the garden or park and being able to contact your friends in an instant?  With multiple kids Walkie Talkies, individuals can contact the whole gang at the same time.

If you have older children, a Walkie Talkie radio offers a welcome alternative to shouting up the stairs.  In some households, they have been known to make a significant difference to the relationship between parents and their children.  We all know how distant and difficult some teenagers can be.  A Walkie Talkie gives them privacy but reassures you that they’re all right.  Being able to contact them at the push of a button can be both convenient and stress free.

Kids Walkie Talkies can be very useful on holiday for keeping in touch with the family and friends.  Your cell phones probably won’t work on a Cruise ship on open water or in the mountains.  Two way Walkie Talkies will, and with the addition of a walkie talkie headset, you have the convenience of using your radio phone hands free.

The more basic Walkie Talkie radios do not require a license and can be powered by batteries since they operate using a specific frequency range.  Parts are simple, on many models the microphone and speaker is a single component.  Many kids Walkie Talkies include a Morse code button for coded messages.

Kids Walkie Talkies at Christmas are always popular, despite the invention of the cell phone. These toys are timeless and allow your child to exercise their minds and bodies by getting off the computer and out into the fresh air with their friends.  Walkie Talkies for your Kids should be at the top of your Christmas shopping list.

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Boy playing with his 2 way Walkie Talkie

Boy playing with his 2 way Walkie Talkie

Photograph bymeddygarnet

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