Motorola MH230R Walkie Talkie Review

Motorola MH230R Walkie Talkie RadioThe Motorola MH230R is a 22 channel Motorola walkie talkie radio with a 23 mile range. It boasts FRS and GMRS. It’s a lightweight radio measuring 2.2 x 1.2 x 6.2 inches. It comes with 7 NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) channels so you’re always in touch with the weather. 121 Privacy Codes mean you’re unlikely to be interrupted.

The QT (Quiet talk) function allows you to communicate with compatible Motorola two way radios. Always useful if you find yourself lost. The iVOX feature allows for instant hands free communication so keeping in touch couldn’t be simpler. To make things easier for you, making sure that you’re never without power, the Motorola MH230R can be charged in one of four ways:

  • with a desktop charger at home
  • with a mini-USB car cable
  • with a mini-USB wall cable when you’re in a hotel
  • with a mini-USB PC cable from your PC

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Motorola MH230R Walkie Talkie Specifications include:

  • Emergency alert button – this allows you to transmit an alert siren to warn of any unforeseen danger
  • Built in LED flashlight – always handy when you find it getting dark just a bit sooner than you expected
  • Mini USB port – see above paragraph re. charging your Motorola walkie talkie radio
  • 2 belt clips –  a hands free unit is always useful
  • Charging adapter – see above
  • 10 call tones
  • Keypad lock – for further security
  • Water resistant – in case the weather or your canoe turns over

We’ve been researching the reviews of real people who have used this long range walkie talkie and most people have found that this Motorola Walkie Talkie is easy to use, attractive and durable. The range is good for outdoor use. A user who fell into a river found that his MH230R set was undamaged; a welcome quality when you’re in the middle of nowhere and soaked to the skin. When it was utilized on an 80,000 square foot building site it worked very well despite the barriers posed by walls and plenty of electrical interference.

Voice clarity is good and battery life is impressive. Reports indicate that the units perform well in the mountains. Walkers who were 3 miles apart with a mountain between them were very impressed by the strength and clarity of the signal. Several users have said how they used the radio to keep track of their children when out walking or shopping. They found it easy to use and the novelty value made it fun for everyone.

On another building site the Motorola walkie talkie kept workers in touch with no problems, though the clip which attaches the radio to your belt could be stronger. One user felt that the LCD could be clearer. Another disadvantage reported was that the figure 8 can look like a 9, especially if the batteries are low. Remember, if you are using the GMRS frequencies, you will need to get a license.

The Motorola MH230R long range walkie talkie is a reliable, inexpensive, quality walkie talkie radio. It lives up to its specifications and is easy to use, so should appeal to the beginner. It fares well in all sorts of terrain and has a lot to recommend it. If you need a simple, dependable, durable radio, the Motorola MH230R walkie talkie radio may just be what you’re looking for.

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