Motorola MR350R Walkie Talkie Review

Motorola MR350R ReviewThe Motorola MR350R is a lightweight, durable long range walkie talkie radio with a range of up to 35 miles.  It has large buttons, useful for using with gloves, an LED flashlight and an emergency alert feature which allows you to inform others of any impending danger.

The MR350R Motorola walkie talkie has FRS and GMRS capabilities and boasts 22 channels including 7 NOAA channels.  It has a silent vibrating ringer so you can respond even when background noises are intrusive.


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Motorola MR350R Walkie Talkie Specifications include:

  • Channel scan. This feature allows you to search the 22 channels in order to locate unknown parties, individuals who may have changed channels accidentally or simply to locate unused channels.
  • Charging.  It comes with a standard charging port, though you may wish to purchase a mini-USB cable to use when travelling.
  • Privacy codes.  To facilitate the blocking of unknown transmissions it comes with 121 eliminator codes to ensure protection.
  • Call tones.  The MR350 is equipped with 20 different call tones so you can select which of your party you are contacting.
  • Hands free.  The MR350 has an iVOX feature allowing you to transmit hands-free without resorting to a headset.
  • PTT power boost.  This feature increases the transmission range at the push of a button.

If you’re interested in reading an in depth article about this long range walkie talkie radio, check out Dr.Wilfredo M. Viray’s “Wally” review, (scroll down the page) who has made a detailed study and could find nothing bad to say about it.  He was happy with the range, both indoor and outdoor, and had nothing but praise for its clarity.  He found the hands-free aspect and the flashlight useful and was impressed by the efficiency of the weather channels and the Privacy Codes.  He was pleased with the instructions which were clear and intuitive.

He goes on to say that he found the iVOX capability to be very useful.  This Motorola walkie talkie radio broadcasts as soon as it hears a sound.  It has three levels of sensitivity.  He used it as a baby monitor, accessing one of the high power GMRS channels and it worked a mile away.  He advices getting a FCC license so that you can legally use these channels which will also allow you to use the PTT button.  It’s well worth it as such a license can be used by you and your immediate family for five years.

This radio lives up to all expectations. It has a good indoor and outdoor range and the signal is loud and clear.  The extras such as the flashlight, the iVOX facility and the emergency button add to its appeal.  The vibration feature and variable power settings add to its overall ease of use.  The numerous Privacy Codes ensure security and the weather channels just make things easy.

This radio has a lot going for it.  If you’re looking for something simple, user friendly and durable, this may just be what you’re looking for.  The Motorola MR350R walkie talkie will keep you in touch and satisfied and with all the extra features, there’ll be no need to upgrade for a very long time.

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