Trisquare TSX300 eXRS Digital Two-Way Radio

Trisquare-TSX300-eXRS-Digital-Two-Way-RadiosTwo-way radio communication has taken a giant leap into the twenty-first century with eXtreme Radio ServiceTM (eXRSTM) from TriSquare and, in particular, the Trisquare TSX300 eXRS digital two-way radio.  Utilizing Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) in the ISM band (900 MHz), eXtreme Radio Service (eXRS) brings the power of digital technology together with narrow band FM modulation technique.

This gives us a walkie talkie 2-way radio that has a narrow band base signal, giving good range, within a given dB power budget, comparable to narrow band FM radios, with the added extra of wide band digital security due to the FHSS algorithm.  Since the signal is maintained as a narrow band FM modulation based on set frequencies, a wide selection of non-overlapping hopping frequencies are available within the RF spectrum.  Hence, the signal power is distributed over the entire RF bandwidth through the use of hopping frequencies, so there is less interference.

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This represents a great advantage over FRS and GMRS systems.  According to a study by the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of a major university, FMRS and GMRS radios cannot begin to compete with the Trisquare TSX300 eXRS digital two-way radios when it comes to uninterrupted, private contact within talk range.

The Trisquare TSX300 eXRS digital 2-way radio is available with a thousand, ten thousand or all ten billion eXRS channels.  They come with voice-operated transmission (VOX) so your hands are free and are headset compatible.  Fully charged batteries work for up to seven hours.

Research indicates that within built up areas, FRS radios, being analogue, quickly become noisy and prone to static, while eXRS radios remain clear.  Because of the channel hopping spread spectrum, this is also a virtually impossible radio to listen into, so if you’re looking for great performance and privacy, the Trisquare TSX300 eXRS digital 2-way radio is for you.

I have been told that eXRS radios leave the competition well behind when it comes to open air communication.  Even when utilizing ‘privacy codes’, FRS radios are prone to intruders, unlike eXRS systems.  An added bonus is that eXRS radios, unlike GMRS, do not require a license.  Another user claimed, when comparing eXRS radios with the competition that, in forested areas, FRS systems faded at 1700 feet while CBs made it to 2010.  The eXRS radio worked up to 1920 feet.

Subsequent research from Arkansas compared the use of eXRS radios with FRS systems between 1400 and 2700 feet.  eXRS radios kept communication clear, reliable and private, while the competition had lots of difficulties.  In open areas contacts of 2700 feet utilizing eXRS radios were said to be perfect, while FRS systems floundered.

I have gotten used to depending on my FRS radio when out in the wilds, but I’m very impressed by the perks offered by the Trisquare TSX300 eXRS digital two-way radios.  It’s a giant leap forward in 2-way walkie talkie radio technology and looks like it’s going to dominate the market for years to come.

In conclusion, the Trisquare TSX300 eXRS digital two-way radio has a lot going for it.  Whether you’re in the city, the woods or the open air, communication seems clear, static free and private.  In years to come, you’ll wonder just how you managed to get along without it.  Check out eXRS.  It’s the walkie talkie of the future.

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