Where Can I Buy a Walkie Talkie Radio?

Developed originally for use by the military, a Walkie Talkie radio is a portable bi-directional radio transceiver.  Each Walkie Talkie radio can transmit one at a time but the signal can be received by any number of handsets if the wattage is sufficient and the range is limited.

Today, 2 way Walkie Talkies are very popular with the police, emergency services and just about anyone who wants to keep in touch over a limited distance.  Hikers, hunters, campers and orienteering groups have found them to be an invaluable addition to their arsenal. They also seem to have been readily adopted by the construction industry as a simple and immediate way of maintaining contact with progress on site.

When considering your purchase of a Walkie Talkie radio, first think about what you want it for.  What sort of range will you need?  How much are you willing to pay?  It is important to ask yourself a few simple questions at the outset to ensure that you get the right two way radio for your needs.

Low power kids Walkie Talkies are popular as children’s toys.  Kids love to play hide and seek games with them and they’re a good way of keeping in touch with your children when you’re out around town together.

Walkie Talkie radios do not need a license if they employ the FRS range, (462-467MHz) and are available in most retail stores.  Some kids Walkie Talkies are very basic and may not even have a volume control.  In some models, the receiver’s speaker doubles as a microphone.

If you’re thinking about buying a 2 way Walkie Talkie radio, it’s well worth shopping around.  Consider contacting people who use them on a daily basis.  Their first hand experience should prove invaluable.  Online retailers are worth looking at and many provide customer Walkie Talkie reviews that you can read.  There are also specialist magazines which are good for finding out what’s happening today in the marketplace and what is on offer.  Local stores often offer a personal service and allow you to try different models before making your choice of which Walkie Talkie radio to buy.

Walkie Talkies from a Vending Machine

Walkie Talkies from a Vending Machine

Photograph by secretagentmoof

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