What are Long Range Walkie Talkies?

Midland GXT1000VP4 Long Range Walkie Talkies

Long Range Walkie Talkies

Not so long ago, GMRS Walkie Talkies, which is what you need if you’re thinking long range Walkie Talkies, were relatively expensive compared to FRS Walkie Talkies.  Today, with the increased demand, they cost about twice as much, so expect to pay around 80 dollars to start off with.

Look in the sporting goods shops, electrical stores and check out the camping, shooting and fishing outlets.  These are great places to try different long range Walkie Talkies, but then you should shop around as you can often get a better deal online.  Reliable names include Audiovox, Cobra, Icom, Uniden, Garmin, Motorola and Kenwood.

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What is it that makes a Walkie Talkie system long range?

It’s to do with the power of the set.  FRS systems generally are 1 watt or less.  GMRS may go up to 5 watts, offering a 10 mile range in open country, but less indoors or in built up areas.

GMRS long range Walkie Talkies is the system for you if you’re a serious user of Walkie Talkies or need a reliable communication system for your business.  This is what is used by the Fire Brigade, Search and Rescue operatives and anyone who needs a Walkie Talkie radio that they can rely on in a serious situation.

Extras include enhanced voice capabilities, allowing users to be heard above sirens, storms or fires.  Many are waterproof and dustproof.  You can add weather services, GPS, barometers, thermometers, chargers and all sorts of extras to your heart’s content.  Whatever you do buy, make sure it’s sturdy, has a volume control and, if you want to talk to different receivers in seclusion, for example, talk to your foreman without talking to security, you will need multiple channels.

If you use a GMRS Walkie Talkie radio, you do need to download a licence from the FCC which will cost you about $85.  They operate on the UHF-FM band between 450 and 470 MHz where there are 23 channels available.
Combination FRS/GMRS Walkie Talkie systems are available, for which you still require a licence.

Do make a point of trying out long range Walkie Talkies before you buy.  Consider what you need it for and what range you need to cover.  There’s no point in saving money if the system doesn’t do what it’s meant to do.  It could make a huge difference to your business and could mean the difference between life and death in the certain situations.

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Long range Walkie Talkie clipped to belt

Long range Walkie Talkie clipped to belt

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Natasha July 5, 2010 at 12:18 pm

The frustrating issues with US blogs are that certain types, makes and models of radio equipment are not type approved for use in the UK or EU and UK visitors to these sites are often thwarted in their attempts to purchase something they have read about! The main models of equipment to search for in the UK would be Motorola, Icom, Tait, Kenwood and Opus.

Shopping online may be cheaper in the short term but often turns out to be more expensive over time as you are unlikely to get any technical support.

Therefore we believe there is an opening to produce a comprehensive and informative page, deleveloped specifically for the UK market detailing the availability of licensed products aimed at the SME or corporate user where wireless communications has a significant role to play.

As technology progresses, a good Radio Communications supplier will keep abreast of new developments and through the media of a newsletter, web site, blogs, networking or social media, keep their clients informed accordingly.

The solution to a good system is to get it right first time. The use of ‘wish lists’ make an ideal starting point to engage the user and to establish the exact requirements.

When deciding on the correct radio or system, various aspects should be taken into consideration. This may be terrain, build and multiple sites, amongst other factors. A less inclined retailer may suggest that a Walkie Talkie ‘will do 2 miles’ and no such admission can be defined without conditions.

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